Vantage Finance’s hands-on approach allows lenders to participate in this niche market with confidence. Handling the F&I process for the dealer allows us to ensure the following is being completed on every deal: making all necessary disclosures (TILA), following Fair Lending Policy guidelines, Red Flags Rules, Safeguard rules, Adverse Action Notices, Risk Based Pricing, Identity Theft Prevention, Notices, helping dealers stay compliant, customer interviews, VOE, call recordings, conducting vehicle deliveries, performing quality assurance call audits, among many other items. Vantage is the F&I department for the dealership and performs all that is required to ensure we are meeting the efficacy standards of today’s regulatory environment.

By handling all of these tasks, Vantage is able to control the quality and risk exposure to our lenders. In return, lenders average a ROA 2 to 3 times more profitable than their other portfolios.

Since our founding in 2010, Vantage has been a leading force in the compliance and loan origination business. Created by experienced industry professionals and drafted by Michael Benoit of Hudson Cook, Vantage continues to evolve into a highly sought after strategic partner of lenders. Vantage is the proven way to participate in this lucrative market effectively and safely, there’s no one else like us.
The following is information on how our process works from a lender’s perspective along with frequently asked ques-tions. We look forward to working with you and supplying any additional information you may wish to review.