Customer Applies For Financing At Dealership

Vantage Credit Application Review

  • Vantage pulls bureau and reviews application to identify best fitting lender for car deal
  • Vantage Representative works with dealer to properly structure deal prior to submitting to lender for underwriting.
  • Red Flags Rules, OFAC, Out of Wallet Questions, along with an upfront customer interview is also completed at this time.
  • Vantage utilizes 700 Credit’s compliance platform to track and monitor its compliance requirements.
  • Adverse Action Letter: Should a customer not meet our lender’s minimum threshold, Vantage generates an Adverse Action Letter and provides it to the consumer.

Vantage Submits Credit Application To Lender

  • Vantage submits credit application to lender through DealerTrack
  • Vantage submits applications to lenders as a dealer would on DealerTrack
  • Vantage has a unique DealerTrack ID number for each state. Therefore, lenders know exactly what state the dealership and applicant are originating from for proper usury rates and underwriting needs.

Lender Provides Approval To Vantage

Vantage Communicates Lender’s Approval to Dealer

Vehicle Delivery


Contract Assignment

Funding Process

Identity Theft Prevention Process

Contract Assignment

Paying Dealers